General Terms of Services

Version February 2024


This website is published by the company ITDA International Travel Doc Agency, a limited liability company registered with the registry of Business in France under number RCS Dijon B 907 751 572, having its registered office 20B rue des Moulissards, 21240 TALENT, France

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These general terms of service (“GTS”) govern all orders placed by the CUSTOMER (the “CUSTOMER”) for one or more service(s) (the “Service(s)”) as offered. ) on this website (this “Site”) by the company ITDA International Travel Doc Agency (the “PROVIDER”).

These online GTS are accessible at any time on this website and will prevail, where applicable, over any other version or any other contradictory document.

The SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to modify the General Conditions of Services at any time. They will then be applicable as soon as they are put online.

Article 1: Definitions

“CUSTOMER”: any natural or legal person ordering a Service on the Site for their personal needs, in their name and on their behalf.

“Order”: Any action for the CUSTOMER to place an order on the Site, by selecting the desired service (request for a new IMUGA travel declaration), by validating the order process until payment of the price under the defined conditions in article 5 of these GTS.

“IMUGA”: or IMUGA travel declaration is an official form established by the authorities of the Maldives to facilitate immigration formalities for all travellers entering or leaving the country. Intended to simplify immigration procedures while respecting health standards and immigration requirements, this declaration is mandatory for all travellers, regardless of their nationality. By completing this form before their arrival, travellers help make their travel experience smoother and facilitate flow management by the Maldivian authorities.

“Host”: designates the natural or legal person ensuring, within the meaning of law no. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004, an activity of storing any content intended to be made available to the public by online public communication services. Internet: Global data exchange network made up of networks and servers linked together by means of an interconnection of global electronic communications networks, accessible to any user with appropriate computer equipment.

“PROVIDER”: the company ITDA International Travel Doc Agency as identified in the header hereof.

“Service”: refers to all the services provided by Users, accessible through this site.

“Site”: this website, as published by the SERVICE PROVIDER.

“User”: refers to any person browsing the Site, whether they are a CUSTOMER or not.

Article 2: Purpose

This website provides online assistance for travellers who wish to re-apply for an IMUGA travel declaration upon arrival or departure from the Maldives.

These conditions of Service aim to define the contractual relations between the SERVICE PROVIDER and users of the Site which makes it possible to obtain a new IMUGA travel declaration for the Maldives.

Usage of this site implies unreserved acceptance of these General Conditions.

Placing an order for a Service implies the CUSTOMER's full and unreserved acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions to the exclusion of any other provision.

The Customer thus declares to have read these General Terms and Conditions and to have accepted them by checking the box provided for this purpose when implementing the online ordering procedure.

In the event of modification of these General Terms and Conditions by the SERVICE PROVIDER, the applicable conditions will be those in force on the date of the order by the CUSTOMER.

Article 3: Order Process

The CUSTOMER, who wishes to use the SERVICE PROVIDER's online service to request a new IMUGA travel declaration, must:

• Complete the identification form on which you will provide completely and accurately all the information requested on the corresponding forms found on the following web pages:

- Application page: request for a new application for an IMUGA travel declaration

- verification and recovery of an existing IMUGA travel declaration

• After having duly completed the form corresponding to their request, the CUSTOMER will be asked to validate it.

• A web page will then open summarizing:

- all the data provided by the CUSTOMER on the form so that he can verify its accuracy; - the essential characteristics of the requested service (“the Order”: request for a new IMUGA travel declaration / recovery of an existing IMUGA declaration, conservation of the IMUGA, PDF advisory guides, etc.) with details of the price of the corresponding service in accordance with the provisions of article L 221-14 of the Consumer Code.

• The CUSTOMER will then be invited to confirm their Order by clicking on the tab: “I confirm my information”

• After confirming their order, the CUSTOMER will be taken to a “Payment Information” page, allowing them to enter their bank details and then validate this information. In addition, it is specified that in the case of a request for recovery of an existing IMUGA declaration, no payment will be requested if the declaration could not be found by the SERVICE PROVIDER.

In all cases, after payment, the SERVICE PROVIDER will confirm the registered order by email, summarizing the essential characteristics and the details of the price of the service(s).

Article 4: Price of Services

4-1: Request for new IMUGA Travel declaration

a) Service fees

The SERVICE PROVIDER's service costs amount to €49.00 including tax.

This price includes:

- Processing fees and administration fees - Fees relating to follow-up SMS messages.

b) Refund

Any refund request must be sent via the form provided for this purpose available on the contact page, and by choosing the subject "I would like to be refunded", or via the refund form available on the refund request page and by entering the last name, first name, date of birth, email, file number and passport number.

If this last field is not correctly filled in, the refund request will not be successful. The SERVICE PROVIDER uses this field to automatically put the request on hold for reimbursement so that it is not processed by the SERVICE PROVIDER.

In the event that the request has not yet been processed or is being processed by the SERVICE PROVIDER, the reimbursement request will be automatically accepted (provided that the "file number" field indeed corresponds to an existing request and that it is correctly entered). The SERVICE PROVIDER then undertakes to request a reimbursement from the payment partner within 7 days.

Otherwise, if the IMUGA travel declaration has already been processed (if the service has been fully performed), no refund will be accepted.

The customer cannot request a refund on the pretext that he or she has not received the payment confirmation email or notification of acceptance of the IMUGA travel declaration. Indeed, certain parameters do not depend on the SERVICE PROVIDER (spam, email address error, etc.). At its request, the SERVICE PROVIDER will send the customer a copy of the email sent since it keeps a copy of all emails sent.

4-2: Retrieving an existing IMUGA travel declaration:

a) Service fees:

The SERVICE PROVIDER's service fees for recovering an existing IMUGA authorization amount to €0 including tax. This price includes:

- Payment fees (levied by the SERVICE PROVIDER's payment provider)

- VAT at the applicable rate (0%)

- Fees corresponding to the edition and provision of the PDF advisory guide to the CUSTOMER

b) IMUGA not found, refused, expired or pending

In the event that the IMUGA travel declaration has not been found by the SERVICE PROVIDER, or if the IMUGA declaration found is declined, pending or expired, no fees will be charged. It will also be impossible to pay any fees if the IMUGA travel declaration has not been found or is currently not valid.

c) Refund

Any reimbursement request must be sent via the form provided for this purpose available on the contact page, and by choosing the subject "I would like to be refunded", or via the refund form available on the reimbursement request page and by entering the email and request number in the “File number” field.

All refund requests are accepted, even without reason. After reimbursement, the CUSTOMER must count on a period of between 10 and 20 days before seeing the actual reimbursement appear in their bank account.

Customer Support Link:

Payment provider: CentralPay, 19 Rue Edouard Vaillant, 37000 Tours, France

Article 5: Payment terms

The price is due when ordering.

Prices are indicated including tax and in euros.

Payments will be made exclusively by credit card. They will be carried out through a secure payment system which uses the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol so that the information transmitted is encrypted by software and no third party can become aware of it during transport on the network.

The SERVICE PROVIDER is only contractually committed to the CLIENT upon receipt of authorization to debit the payment from the banking organization.

Article 6: Deadline for obtaining, Modification, Refusal

6-1: Request for a new IMUGA travel declaration

Processing the request will generally take between 12 and 72 hours. Generally, the request will be processed within a few hours (1 to 6 hours) but it may happen that these times are extended, particularly when the request is placed in "pending" or on hold).

Once the request has been processed, the CUSTOMER will receive the IMUGA travel declaration in PDF format on their personal email address as well as a link allowing them to:

- To download and print your IMUGA travel declaration at any time

a) Modification of the IMUGA Travel Declaration

Once the IMUGA travel declaration has been sent to the CUSTOMER, no information can be changed on the final document (IMUGA). In the event of a modification, the CUSTOMER will have to submit a new IMUGA request.

b) IMUGA Travel Declaration Declined

In case of refusal of an IMUGA Travel Declaration application by the official IMUGA website for Maldives (, the SERVICE PROVIDER will first send an email to the CUSTOMER to ask if the IMUGA declaration (added as an attachment to the email) contains no errors. If there are one or more errors, the CUSTOMER is invited to specify these errors by email so that the SERVICE PROVIDER can submit the IMUGA request a second time.

If there is no error or the request is refused again, the SERVICE PROVIDER will automatically, immediately and fully reimburse the €49.00 paid by the CLIENT when making the request.

6-2: Retrieving an existing IMUGA travel declaration

It will be possible to download the existing IMUGA travel declaration immediately after payment. The CUSTOMER will also receive their authorization by email in PDF format no later than 1 hour after their request.

Article 7: Right of withdrawal

Given the urgent nature of the orders entrusted to the SERVICE PROVIDER and in order to maintain a margin of safety to avoid potentially harmful consequences for the CUSTOMER in the event of a setback, the execution of the requested services begins upon validation of payment and as soon as receipt of the fully constituted file, without the parties subjecting their commitment to a reflection period, and this, before the expiry of the legal withdrawal period, which the CUSTOMER expressly authorizes and accepts.

Consequently, in accordance with the provisions of Article L221-28 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal is not intended to apply:

“The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts: 1° For the provision of services fully executed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose execution has begun after express prior agreement of the consumer and express waiver of his right of withdrawal; […] 3° Supply of goods made according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized; […] 13° Supply of digital content not supplied on a material medium whose execution has begun after express prior agreement of the consumer and express waiver of his right of withdrawal”

Article 8: Personal Data

The SERVICE PROVIDER, as data controller, is required to implement processing of personal data intended to respond to CUSTOMER orders and, more generally, for administrative and commercial management purposes.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016, the SERVICE PROVIDER undertakes to ensure that the collection and processing of data carried out on the Site complies with current regulations.

The processing of personal data implemented on the Site is based on the legitimate interest of the SERVICE PROVIDER to implement them.

The collection of data and their retention are limited to the information strictly necessary to achieve the objectives pursued.

Any natural person, proving their identity, may exercise their right to question, access, rectify, delete, oppose the processing of their personal data for legitimate reasons, and limit data concerning them.

Any natural person also has the right to object to the processing of their data for commercial prospecting purposes.

Finally, any person can define general or specific directives relating to the conservation, erasure and communication of their personal data after their death. The general directives concern all personal data relating to the person concerned and may be recorded with a trusted digital third party certified by the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL). The specific directives, which concern certain data processing mentioned by these directives, must be the subject of specific consent registered with the data controller.

To exercise his rights, the CUSTOMER can send his request by email to the following email address: or by post addressed to ITDA International Travel Doc Agency, Suite 703, level7, Richard House, Remi Ollier Street, Port Louis, Mauritius, attaching a copy of a signed identity document.

The CUSTOMER is invited to consult the PROVIDER'S privacy policy by visiting the privacy page.

Cookies and other tracers

The User is informed that during a visit to this Site, information may be automatically collected through normal use of the Site or by the use of cookies which are automatically placed on the browser software. of the User.

The User agrees that cookies as described below may be placed on their machine in accordance with this article.

What is a cookie ?

The term cookie encompasses several technologies allowing navigation tracking or behavioural analysis of the Internet user. These technologies are multiple and constantly evolving. In particular, there are cookies, tags, pixels, Javascript code.

The http cookie, which is currently the most used technology, is a small text file recorded by the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone and which allows user data to be retained in order to facilitate navigation and enable certain functionalities.

The cookie file allows its issuer to identify the terminal in which it is recorded during the validity or recording period of the cookie concerned. A cookie cannot be traced directly to a natural person.

When you visit the Site, various cookies as described below may be installed.

Why does the Site use cookies?

The Site uses cookies in order to differentiate a User from other Users of the Site, and thus help to improve the experience when the User browses the Site, allowing them to navigate the Internet pages more efficiently.

These cookies have the following uses:

• They authenticate and identify the User on the Site;

• They memorize his preferences;

• They measure their use of the Site so that we can improve it.

Cookies issued on the Site allow us:

- to establish statistics and volumes of attendance and use of the various elements making up our services. As such, we use audience measurement cookies.

- to adapt the presentation of our Site according to the terminal used;

- to adapt the presentation of our Site according to the affinities of each user;

- to memorize information relating to a form that you have completed on our Site (registration or access to your account, subscribed service, etc.);

- to allow you to access reserved and personal areas of our Site, such as your account, using identifiers;

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How to Configure the Deposit of Cookies, Tags and Trackers?

The Internet browser setting allows you to inform of the presence of cookies and possibly refuse them in the manner described at the following address: -master

However, we inform the User that deactivating a cookie may prevent or make difficult navigation or access to the Site and the services offered.

Article 9: Intellectual property:

The Site and its components (brands, logos, data, metadata, texts, photographs, databases, documentation, etc.), as well as these General Conditions of Services are subject to intellectual protection in various capacities.

The Site Editor is the owner of the intellectual property rights or holds the necessary rights on all elements of the Site to be able to offer the services present there to Users.

In this regard, the User undertakes to respect the conditions of use of the Site and not to undertake any act likely to infringe the intellectual property rights of the Publisher or third parties.

Without the prior written consent of the Publisher, the following are prohibited because they would constitute an infringement punishable by the Intellectual Property Code:

- Any adaptation, making available to the public, distribution or rebroadcast, in any form whatsoever, and by any process whatsoever, of all or part of the elements of the Site;

- Any extraction or reuse, including for private purposes, of all or part of the content of the databases created.

The intellectual property rights of the Site Editor remain the exclusive property of the latter or, in the case of content provided by third parties, the property of the latter.

Any total or partial representation of this Site by any person, natural or legal, whatsoever, without the express authorization of the Site Editor, is prohibited and would constitute an infringement punishable by the Intellectual Property Code.

Likewise, all of the texts and elements appearing in the Advice Guide communicated to the CUSTOMER in PDF format, written entirely by the SERVICE PROVIDER, are the exclusive intellectual property of the latter.

Consequently, any reproduction of these Advice Guides, by any means and on any media whatsoever, is strictly prohibited.

Article 10: Hypertext links

The Site may contain hypertext links to other websites and in particular to those of actors involved in the service offered.

The Site Editor cannot, however, be held liable for a third-party website to which the User has access via the Site and which presents illicit or inaccurate content.

Indeed, the Publisher has no means of controlling the content of third-party sites. The decision to activate or not these hypertext links therefore belongs exclusively to Users.

Likewise, the Site Editor cannot be held responsible for the unavailability or malfunction of these third-party sites.

With the exception of websites disseminating information and/or content of an illegal nature and/or of a political, religious, pornographic or xenophobic nature, you may create a hypertext link to the Site, subject to the double reservation that it is acts as a link to the home page of the Site and that this link opens the Site in a new navigation window revealing the URL address of this site

Article 11: Confidentiality

The CUSTOMER and the SERVICE PROVIDER agree to keep secret and confidential any Confidential Information emanating from the other Party and may only disclose such Confidential Information with the prior authorization of the latter.

By “Confidential Information”, we mean any information which has not been expressly mentioned as being public by the party disclosing it, documents, files, computer programs as well as all documents or files which have been provided by the CUSTOMER to the SERVICE PROVIDER. under the Service. This obligation will survive the termination of the Service.

The SERVICE PROVIDER undertakes not to disclose confidential information received from the CLIENT in any form whatsoever, except on the official website of the IMUGA travel declaration (

Article 12: Declaration – Unofficial site

The SERVICE PROVIDER declares to the CUSTOMER who acknowledges having been informed that this website is not the official IMUGA website. The site is also not affiliated in any way with the official IMUGA website, which is accessible at the address: On this site, the request for an IMUGA declaration or for retrieval of an existing request can be obtained free of charge but the user does not benefit from a help and assistance service in obtaining the IMUGA , by service we provide. In addition, by going through the official website, the user will also not receive the PDF advice guides published by the SERVICE PROVIDER.

Article 13: Responsibilities and Guarantees

The SERVICE PROVIDER does not guarantee that the Site will be accessible without interruption.

Access to the Site may be interrupted for maintenance reasons and in the event of an emergency in particular.

The SERVICE PROVIDER undertakes to make its best efforts to secure access, consultation and use of the Services in accordance with the rules of Internet use.

The SERVICE PROVIDER is not responsible for the alteration, loss or accidental transmission of data.

Consequently, the SERVICE PROVIDER cannot be held liable in the following cases:

• momentary interruptions lasting a few minutes for updating the Site;

• operating difficulties or temporary interruption of the Services beyond the control of ITDA International Travel Doc Agency, particularly in the event of interruption of electricity or electronic communications services; interruption or malfunction of Maldivian administrative services in the processing of IMUGA travel declaration requests;

• momentary interruptions of the Services necessary for developments or maintenance;

• failure or malfunctions of the Internet network in the transmission of messages, data or documents.

The CUSTOMER / USER declares to accept the characteristics and limits of the Internet, and in particular to recognize:

• that he is aware of the nature of the Internet, in particular its technical performance and response times for consulting, querying or transferring content;

• that the communication of its possible access codes or, in general, of any information deemed confidential is done under its own responsibility;

• that it is up to him to take all necessary measures to ensure that the technical characteristics of his computer allow him to consult the contents;

• that it is up to it to take all appropriate measures to protect its own data and/or software from contamination by possible viruses circulating through the Site.

The SERVICE PROVIDER does not guarantee that the Site is error-free or that all imperfections will be corrected.

The CUSTOMER/USER undertakes not to use devices or software of any kind in order to disrupt or attempt to disrupt the proper functioning of the Site.

The CUSTOMER/USER undertakes not to take any action which would impose a disproportionate load on the PROVIDER'S infrastructure.

The SERVICE PROVIDER cannot under any circumstances guarantee the issuance of the requested IMUGA travel declaration which depends exclusively on the sovereign decision of the Maldivian administrative authorities authorized to issue it, nor can it guarantee compliance with the deadlines for processing the request.

The CLIENT expressly acknowledges that the issuance of the IMUGA travel declaration is carried out at the discretion of the competent authorities and that it may be refused, even for travellers in possession of a visa obtained in accordance with the applicable rules; the SERVICE PROVIDER cannot be held liable in the event of refusal of the requested authorization.

The SERVICE PROVIDER cannot be held liable in the event of inadmissibility of the CUSTOMER on Maldivian territory, once the information provided by the CUSTOMER has been scrupulously transcribed on the IMUGA travel declaration.

The CUSTOMER acknowledges that the SERVICE PROVIDER's obligations under the Services are obligations of means to the exclusion of any obligation of result.

Under no circumstances can the SERVICE PROVIDER incur any liability for indirect damage which includes in particular any moral or financial damage, loss of data, as well as any action directed against the CUSTOMER by a third party.

The SERVICE PROVIDER is in no way responsible for any performance defects attributable to the CLIENT (in particular in the event of communication of erroneous information).

Furthermore, it may happen that the Maldivian government cancels an IMUGA travel declaration (although previously granted) without giving the SERVICE PROVIDER the reason and without informing the SERVICE PROVIDER; therefore, in this case, the SERVICE PROVIDER cannot notify the CUSTOMER. Thus, the SERVICE PROVIDER is in no way responsible in the event of cancellation of the client's IMUGA travel declaration by the Maldivian government. The SERVICE PROVIDER provides an IMUGA authorization granted at a given time.

Article 14: Force majeure

The Site Editor cannot be held responsible in the event of non-performance or partial performance of its obligations under the Site if said non-performance or partial performance results from a case of force majeure within the meaning of the jurisprudence of the courts and tribunals. French and community.

Article 15: Modification/Revision of the General Conditions of Services

The SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, these General Conditions of Services in order to adapt them to legal and regulatory developments, technical developments and/or more broadly its information system.

In the event of a modification of the General Conditions of Services, any authorized person may only use the Site after having accepted the new General Conditions of Services, by checking the acceptance box specially provided for this purpose during their new connection attempt.

Any refusal of the modified General Conditions of Services results in the impossibility of accessing the Site's services.

Article 16: Conservation and archiving

The archiving of orders and invoices is carried out by the SERVICE PROVIDER on a reliable and durable medium so as to correspond to a faithful copy in accordance with the provisions of article 1379 of the Civil Code.

Article 17: Partial nullity / Non-waiver

If one or more stipulations of these general conditions are held to be invalid or declared as such in application of a law, a regulation or a final decision of a competent court, the other stipulations will retain all their force and all their scope.

The parties then agree to replace the void or invalid clause with a clause which is closest in content to the clause initially agreed upon. Furthermore, the fact of the SERVICE PROVIDER not availing itself for a certain period of time of any of the provisions provided for herein cannot be interpreted as a waiver of the latter from availing itself of them in the future.

Article 18: Applicable law / Jurisdiction / Alternative methods of dispute resolution

18.1. Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These General Terms and Conditions are subject to French law. This is the case for both the substantive rules and the formal rules.

Any dispute relating to the acceptance, execution or interpretation of these terms will fall under the jurisdiction of the French courts.

18-2: Consumer mediator

In the event of a dispute and after having contacted the professional's customer service, any customer has the possibility of contacting a consumer mediator FREE OF CHARGE, within a maximum period of one year from the date of the written complaint, by LRAR, to of this professional.

The contact details of the mediator likely to be contacted by the client are as follows: on the url